Red is THE Airedale of Jeanine.
Jeanine is Red's mom, the human to play with me, to give me treats and to go on walks,

I love her and give her BIGNOSEPOKES and WETBEARDKISSES.

Red 1995
1994 - 1 year
She takes me to education lessons. I have to stand, to sit, to heel.

All those stupid things. But she is educated to give me a titbit or a reward for a stand, a sit.

She still does not know a come command means a big piece of cheese or a chunk of homemade cake!!!

My school is:

"Dressage Club des Six-Vallées"

Education Canine Toutes Races

Terrain: rue de Beaurieux (Pont N25) Court St. Etienne, Belgium

I prefer Agility.  I  show you how good I am (sometimes) on my Agility page.

I have some other pictures on the next page.

Susan asked me to pose with the Airedale-L t-shirt.

Joëlle Panier made a drawing of me, you can see it here, if your mom want your portrait done, send me a message 

I have also an Airedale friend named "Woofer, the Airedale from Hell".


Red 1995
2 years and still a puppy

(2004) Now I'm 10, nearly 11...but I still love girls see my 

Red 2003
Red 2004
My last picture: mai 2006
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